95 years of Ernst Vötsch - Limited Edition

A journey through time, portrayed in a climate test chamber - experience, quality and sustainability.


In 1929, Ernst Vötsch founded his company for the manufacture of refrigerated counters in Berlin. At the time, nobody could have guessed that he was laying the foundations for a unique brand that has now been established in environmental simulation for 95 years. The Balingen site, which Ernst Vötsch chose for production in 1945, is still the centre of excellence for temperature, climate, vibration and sun simulation chambers as well as customised test equipment.

The weisstechnik products from the Balingen site still have the precision, inventiveness and reliability that characterised Ernst Vötsch's products from the very beginning.



We celebrate 95 years of Ernst Vötsch!

Experience 95 years of Ernst Vötsch in just under 4 minutes

ClimeEvent_95Jahre_frontal Kopie

To mark the 95th anniversary of the production of our Balingen plant, we are proud to present a strictly limited edition of 95 ClimeEvent and TempEvent test chambers. This limited edition is characterised not only by its outstanding performance, but also by a unique design that celebrates the evolution of the technology over the decades. The customisation of the front of our Limited Edition is particularly noteworthy.  Here you will find a fascinating co lection of images of devices from different decades, reflecting the journey of our brand and the progress made in environmental simulation technology.

You have spurred us on to these top achievements. So now is the time to give something back to you. We would like to say thank you with this special edition! Benefit from the usual weisstechnik premium quality at an unbeatable price.

Be part of this exclusive journey through the history of environmental simulation and celebrate 95 years of pioneering innovations with us. Order your limited edition now and secure not only a state-of-the-art climate test chamber, but also a piece of history!

Together into the future

At Weiss Technik, we value the long-term co-operation with our customers, which is often much more than just a business relationship.


Tell us about your experience with Weiss Technik. Whether it's about using our technologies, working with our dedicated team or successfully overcoming your individual challenges - we invite you to tell your personal story.

Your positive experiences are the key to our joint success and we want to share these stories with our community. Over the course of the year, we will share your experiences with our followers on the weisstechnik platforms to show that the weisstechnik brand not only stands for innovative environmental simulation, but also for partnership and trusting cooperation.

Whether it's the development of new products, the optimisation of processes or overcoming particular challenges in your area - every story is a piece of the mosaic in our shared journey.

Our location Balingen today

Since its foundation in Berlin and the reorganisation of the company in Fommern, the site has developed steadily. But what does the Balingen site look like today? What is produced? How many people are employed in Balingen? Many questions to which we all have an answer. Oliver Kiefer, our production manager, explains.

Get in touch with your contact person or use our form to make initial contact. In the following link you will find the LimitedEdition95 devices currently available at short notice.