Environmental regulations and an increasing awareness of occupational safety prevent tests in open environments or old, empty dwellings (bunkers, hangars) without subsequent exhaust gas treatment. Thus, they cannot be part of a professional test concept with reproducible environmental conditions.

The newly developed ExtremeEvent test chamber with tertiary explosion protection is specially designed for demanding tests in which extreme events such as high pressure and heat release or gas explosions regularly occur in an explosive atmosphere. It offers maximum safety and reliability. Your ideal partner for hydrogen tests, arc fault tests or battery abuse tests.

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Fields of application

Safety testing, also known as battery abuse testing, involves exposing the battery to conditions outside the actual operating window. Battery Abuse Tests are destructive safety tests on batteries.

A distinction is made between mechanical, thermal and electrical tests. 

An arc fault is an electrical arc caused by a short circuit or other fault in an electrical circuit. 

There are various national and international norms and standards that define the requirements for arc fault resistance and arc fault protection of electrical systems and devices. Our ExtremeEvent is the perfect partner for testing these standards.


Hydrogen is "flammable", i.e. it reacts easily with oxygen and burns to form water. This is precisely the property that makes it suitable as a fuel. 

The ExtremeEvent base chamber has IIC approval with type examination by TÜV. The chamber enables the testing of components that emit hydrogen, such as a fuel cell.



Battery Abuse Testing

What is it?

These so-called battery abuse tests are usually accompanied by a thermal runaway, i.e. fire or explosion.  The battery is intentionally overcharged, overheated or damaged to test how it responds to these extreme conditions. The purpose of this type of test is to examine the behavior of the battery under extreme stress to ensure that it is safe, reliable, and poses no hazards. Especially in applications where they can cause potentially dangerous situations

Mechanical Testing

In the mechanical tests, an object penetrates or traverses the battery (mechanical integrity). For example, the extent to which nail penetration (internal short circuit) or crushing (crash) affects the functionality and safety-related behavior of the battery is examined.

Thermal Testing

During the thermal tests, the batteries are subjected to ambient low to excess temperatures, with the excess temperature tests in particular leading to thermal runaway in most cases. Here, the surrounding air is heated up to 200°C or even higher, which raises the battery to a critical temperature level after a certain time due to heat transfer processes.

Electrical Testing

During the electrical tests, various critical scenarios are tested that may exist in connection with the surrounding electrical periphery. For example, a short circuit is generated (external short circuit) or the battery is deliberately overcharged at a higher voltage level. As a result, the battery heats up and also quickly enters a critical state.

Reproducible  mechanical Battery Abuse Tests

The complete package

Would you like to test your battery cells in a safe and reproducible environment?  

With its ExtremeEvent, Weiss Technik has been able to acquire the right component. In co-operation with ZwickRoell, we can now offer you a comprehensive solution for mechanical testing that is currently unique on the market.

The perfect complement -  ZwickRoell Allroundline Z 100

The Allroundline Z100 universal testing machine from ZwickRoell is the ideal addition to the weisstechnik ExtremeEvent.  

Abuse tests with a maximum force of 100 kN can be carried out with the universal testing machine. Thanks to the mechanical modularity, testing tools can be changed easily and safely. The test results are analysed using the testXpert testing software.

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